Our expertise

Stone Central specialises in all areas of stonemasonry and restoration from traditional stonemasonry through to new build and consultancy. Click the links to learn more about each area of our work and please get in touch to speak to one of our experienced team.



Masonry cleaning is a very specialised job and in order to protect the integrity of the stone it is extremely important to always select the most appropriate method of cleaning. This is dependent on the façade materials, extent of soiling and level of deterioration. Our cleaners are highly experienced in all forms of masonry cleaning and use the latest specialist cleaning equipment such as the ThermaTech Super Heated water cleaning Equipment, JOS/TORC/VorTech, ThermaVac and DOFF systems.  Each building requires the correct cleaning technique, and our surveyors can discuss the most suitable methods for use on any project. The majority of our cleaning work is on listed buildings/historical monuments where we use heritage approved methods and materials, we also undertake general cleaning works such as graffiti removal, abrasive cleaning and paint stripping. Our experts will assess the stone and the building and advise on the best course of action.

Graffiti & Paint Removal

The cleaning of stonework or brickwork needs to be carried out using the most suitable method to ensure that no irreversible damage is caused.  Using a variety of different paint softeners and our super-heated system we can remove graffiti without any damage to the stone or brickwork underneath. Our cleaners are highly experienced in all forms of masonry cleaning, and 0ur surveyors can discuss the various methods available and agree the most suitable for your project.

Nebular - Mason's Clean

A Mason's Clean involves applying water to face of limestone to clean the surface. The water needs to be applied at a controlled pressure and at intervals, too much or too quickly can cause permanent damage. We must work to a fine balance of using enough water to restore, whilst not using too much so that is dissolves and damages the surface of the material.

Superheated Steam Cleaning

Whilst the temperature in the system is high, the pressure on the surface being cleaned is very gentle and the volume of water is low. The surface is therefore not saturated and will be dry within minutes. The superheated water vapor will remove paint, moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter and will also kill off spores. This means there’s then no need to use a chemical biocide during the removal process or as a protection against further biological activity.