Our expertise

Stone Central specialises in all areas of stonemasonry and restoration from traditional stonemasonry through to new build and consultancy. Click the links to learn more about each area of our work and please get in touch to speak to one of our experienced team.


Memorials & Statues

Stone Central are highly skilled and have extensive experience in the conservation, restoration, cleaning and relocation of memorials of all sizes. We are involved in cleaning and re-lettering war memorials, statue work and moving very large pieces that need restoration or re-location.

War Memorials

We take great pride in helping maintain, and where necessary, restore these memorials that were erected to commemorate fallen soldiers. We clean and maintain the war memorials annually for various Local Authorities prior to Remembrance Day; undertaking all aspects of work including re-lettering, pointing, indents, bronze restoration, and in extreme cases, full takedown and rebuild. Our reputation and portfolio of War Memorial work gives clients the confidence that the highest quality of work is carried out.

Statue Work

We are experienced in working with a wide range of statues from smaller pieces right up to very large memorials and monuments that need to be relocated. We have dismantled plinths in order to relocate them, refurbished the stone and then rebuilt the plinths in new locations, and reinstated the statue. Handling and moving such large pieces is extremely specialised work, requiring skill and expertise. We have also moved much smaller scale statues and installed them. This can be difficult work due to the fragility of the smaller parts of the statues, such as digits, and the risk of elements becoming damaged.


Stone Central are experts at memorial refurbishment, we have experience with war, ecclesiastic and statue memorials and are able to bring these back to good standard to be enjoyed for many years to come. We can perform re-lettering work, pointing, indents, bronze restoration to any memorials that are showing signs of ageing or wear and tear.

New Statues

New statues that are commissioned by people today tend to celebrate modern achievements in areas such as sports, entertainment, arts, philanthropy and charity works. We are able to create and construct the plinths and plaques and have the necessary skills to make the statues themselves if required. We are regularly contacted as specialist installers of these new statues due to our experience of moving and installing large stone works and are happy to discuss any requirements you may have in this area.