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Lime Street Station Approach Walls, Liverpool

A large section of the approach walls leading into Lime Street Station had collapsed onto the track and were in need of emergency repair. Stone Central were contacted to survey the area and detail the works required. Our staff are all trained in working safely trackside (PTS) and have completed all necessary qualification and certification to allow us to do so.

Project Detail

It was crucial that the track was cleared and the area made safe as quickly as possible to allow trains to run again and prevent disruption to commuters. After providing details of the repairs, we planned the exact requirements and location of the stone needed to complete the missing courses.

We fashioned the stones, including new parapet stonework,  at our workshop. The stones were then taken to site to site in the specific order required to lay them as per our survey. Working at height in challenging conditions we completed the work, ensuring that it was a match for the existing walling. We also added new date stones to the brick work as a finishing touch.

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