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Barton Square, Trafford

Barton Square forms an extension to the Trafford Centre shopping mall and adds an additional 110,000 sq feet of shopping for visitors.

The Square was redeveloped to encourage and attract new visitors to the Trafford Centre site. It created an additional 110,000 sq feet of shopping space allowing new and varied retailers to become part of the scheme. The space is large airy and has a grand and ornate feel.

You can view the finished development here. 

Project Detail

Stone Central were contacted as one of the few companies with the expertise to work with and move large statues. The client had a range of large statues in storage that had suffered some damage due to different transportations over the years.

We were contracted to restore and repair the statues; this included carving and replacing missing limbs and digits, reattaching broken heads and limbs and ensuring the restoration was seamless to the original pieces. Once repaired to their original state, we then installed the statues on plinths, and to further add to the aesthetic we also installed large stone urns alongside the statues. In total 120 statues and 120 urns were placed around the development.

The finished project is a great addition to the area.

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