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Wigan Town Hall

Wigan Town Hall’s red terracotta façade was becoming seriously damaged through erosion, age and weather damage and was in desperate need of repair and replacement.

Stone Central were contacted to carry out high quality repairs and replacements to restore the building that was originally opened in 1903 as Wigan Mining and Technical College. The building was designed in the Baroque style and included decorative features such as a porch with large Ionic columns and a frieze above and four turrets with cupolas at roof level.

Project Detail

We inspected the building and surveyed what would require replacing and what could be restored to preserve the building. We identified all pieces and areas of terracotta that needed to be replaced and arranged for bespoke units to replace the components that were damaged beyond repair.

The replacement work was substantial on this building, but our close working relationship with Darwen Terracotta allowed us to have all the replacements we required to complete the job to a high standard within the time frame.

The building is no longer in danger of having any more of the terracotta breaking away for many years to come.

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