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Ashton Old Baths

Ashton Old Baths was a Victorian public bath house that was opened in 1870 after calls for better sanitation in Victorian England. The incredible structure wasn’t just a place to bathe – in fact, by 1975 when the Baths eventually closed, the building had been reinvented a music venue, a restaurant, and an indoor tennis court.

The building then stood empty for over 40 years, left derelict, and subsequently was vandalised over time until Tameside MBC and Oxford Innovation stepped in with a new vision for the remarkable space. Plans were drawn up to save and transform the iconic building, turning it into a vibrant and thriving digital hub with workspace for businesses in the surrounding Greater Manchester area.


Project Detail

The original walls were retained in the scheme and Stone Central were appointed to remove and restore damaged brick and stonework. Using super tech softeners and our super-heated system we removed the graffiti that had been added over the years without damaging the substrate. The cleaned and restored walls are now an integral part of the overall design and look and feel of the space.

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